Payment Policies

ListUp Payment & Refund Policies

1)General Policies (ListUp Advantage)
  1. a. All peer-to-peer transactions closed are liabilities of respective parties.
  2. b. The selling party (hereby seller) are to disclose the condition of his used goods as is.
  3. c. All items listed in ListUp are primarily used goods. Buyers are advised to buy at their own discretion.
  4. d. ListUp discourages every user from revealing their personal identity and contact details to the others on the platform; for safety reasons. But if anyone decides to do that then it’s at their own discretion. For any negative consequences in such a situation, ListUp shall not be held responsible in any manner.
  5. e. The price that a seller quotes for his/her item is at their own discretion.
  6. f. ListUp doesn’t render any warranty on items sold on its platform.
  7. g. The products (considering they are used) would have signs of usage, ListUp supplies it as is.
  8. h. ListUp is not liable of any damages that occur during transit.
  9. i. All litigations are subject matter of Mumbai.
2)Payments (ListUp Advantage)
  1. a. Only items covered under ListUp Advantage are eligible for online payments.
  2. b. ListUp doesn’t take any responsibility of transactions closed outside of ListUp’s online payment method.
  3. c. Items that are covered under ListUp Advantage only have the facility of online payments.
  4. d. Buyer has to deposit cash in the buffer account of ListUp once he has closed the deal with the seller for the item.
  5. e. Money stays in the buffer (neutral) account till buyer doesn’t receives and accepts the item.
3) Return/Refund Policy
  1. a. The buyer is free to open the package when it’s delivered at his doorstep to check the item and receive or return it to the carrier.
  2. b. Once the buyer receives & checks, and accepts the item from delivery; it will be deemed that he/she is satisfied by the condition/utility of the product. Hence, the payment will be released from the buffer account to the seller.
  3. c. Once the buyer accepts the package/item from delivery after checking it; there shall be no cancellation or stopping or return or refund of the money/item.